“Why should I work here?”


What employees want from employers has changed. Today, the work experience is as important to employees as the work that they do. How they are treated and the opportunities to grow and advance their careers matters, especially to Millennials.

For sustained business growth, employee retention needs to be as important as employee attraction.

“Why should I work here?” covers the critical strategies that will help you become an employer of choice for both prospective and existing employees. You will learn how to strategically market your company to appeal to prospective candidates and also how to create an engaging work environment so employees feel positive about the work experience, their contribution, and the relationships with colleagues and managers.

Content and presentation delivery was nothing short of awesome.

L. Brown

President, InflectStrategy

Christine, a very special thank you! We were so pleased to sponsor the event. ‘WOW’ …your keynote was amazing!

M. Toy


Masterful Christine! You captured the room and left every business owner with tools they can implement immediately.

G. Lee

WorldBridge Partners, Managing Partner

THANK YOU for a spectacular presentation. WOW! You really hit it out of the park!


Executive Director, IBAW

BUILD A Culture Of Sales Success

Christine McMahon & Associates can help by providing you with the strategies, training and tools to better leverage your team’s strengths and eliminate the barriers that impede sales success.

What can Christine McMahon & Associates do for you?

For starters, we can help you determine how well your company is aligned to achieve flawless sales execution and help you close the gaps that limit growth.

In essence, we help leaders lead, and sales professionals sell.

Our strategies and tools help leaders focus on what matters most: identifying opportunities, eliminating roadblocks, and engaging team members.

We empower sales people with strategies and approaches that result in a more robust pipeline, better-qualified opportunities, shorter sales cycles, and higher margin business.

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