Learn the most important strategies for mastering the toughest negotiating situations.

Great negotiators are well prepared.

They are intentional communicators who do not concede under pressure. They are masterful at turning adversity into agreement while maintaining emotional discipline. They remain confident when faced with a complex landscape filled with multiple players who have different agendas, and ill-defined outcomes.

Christine McMahon & Associates reveals the most important strategies for mastering even the toughest negotiating situations.

Expect to learn how to:

  • Prepare for a negotiation so you don’t surrender your initiative
  • Create common ground to achieve mutually beneficial outcomes
  • Give and get concessions
  • Recognize common strategies and engage with the right counter-move
  • Handle impasses


Christine facilitated a full day training for our annual conference that was outstanding! She is extremely engaging, entertaining, insightful, and informative! She mastered that perfect blend of education and fun practice activities. It was an awesome day where everyone learned and was fully engaged!

M. Cook

Meeting Planner, WAPP (Wisconsin Association of Public Purchasers)

Our clients raved about your session! Thank you!

J. Fago

Director of Sales, VAR East

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In essence, we help leaders lead, and sales professionals sell.

Our strategies and tools help leaders focus on what matters most: identifying opportunities, eliminating roadblocks, and engaging team members.

We empower sales people with strategies and approaches that result in a more robust pipeline, better-qualified opportunities, shorter sales cycles, and higher margin business.

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