Create internal alignment so your sales professionals are confident to sell.

A true sales professional wants to be successful and add measurable value to their clients and the company.

Christine McMahon & Associates knows what “BEST” looks like. We can assess your team’s competencies and provide the training, insights, and coaching that will empower them to be more strategic in how they go-to-market and achieve success.

We can help them become adept in how they:

  • Prepare for meetings, presentations, and negotiations
  • Qualify opportunities
  • Advance the sale
  • Manage resistance
  • Negotiate profitable agreements
  • Secure commitments
  • Develop a strategic sales plan
  • Conduct a high-level client business review
  • Engage with senior level leaders

It takes an entire company to make a sale. After an order has been entered into the system, sales people need to focus on closing the next sale. Instead, they are often forced to handhold the order through the system to ensure the client receives what was promised on time. This is a waste of valuable resources; and left unchecked, can lead to turnover of your top performers.

We can help you create internal alignment so sales professionals are confident to sell because operations consistently executes. Importantly, across the organization, everyone is focused on discovering new ways to delight and exceed client expectations.

We were selling a new program to an established channel that required a new way of thinking and different positioning. I was looking for something different, something that I could count on to deliver results. I needed to fully trust that person, so when put in front of my team, they would immediately see that the person was an incredibly experienced professional. Christine was that exact person! She delivered strategic insights about how we could go to market in a different way. Her training enabled all of us to step more fully into our ‘power.’ Her training material and collaborative approach gave us tremendous confidence that she could help us drive the sales team’s sales acumen to a new level. She did that and more! Within 12 months, we gained a significant competitive market advantage and our clients now view us as the preferred solution.

D. Conrad

Formerly Chief Marketing and Sales Officer, Dohmen Life Science Services

BUILD A Culture Of Sales Success

Christine McMahon & Associates can help by providing you with the strategies, training and tools to better leverage your team’s strengths and eliminate the barriers that impede sales success.

What can Christine McMahon & Associates do for you?

For starters, we can help you determine how well your company is aligned to achieve flawless sales execution and help you close the gaps that limit growth.

In essence, we help leaders lead, and sales professionals sell.

Our strategies and tools help leaders focus on what matters most: identifying opportunities, eliminating roadblocks, and engaging team members.

We empower sales people with strategies and approaches that result in a more robust pipeline, better-qualified opportunities, shorter sales cycles, and higher margin business.

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