Focused Leadership: Empower Excellence


Leaders are responsible for connecting the future to the present and preparing team members to embrace a new way of operating.

Clear direction drives focus, enabling team members to rally around your top strategic priorities, and together, determine the most efficient way to get things done.

Trust fuels engagement, generating measurable increases in business velocity, market penetration, and bottom line results.

This keynote addresses how to integrate strategy so it becomes a shared responsibility, building a culture that embraces learning, adaptability, and accountability.

Phenomenal! You engaged our partners immediately with your content and presentation style, and left them re-assessing how, as a leader, they can be more effective.

B. Peterson

Ingram Micro

Outstanding presentation! It was one of our highest attended and certainly one of the best-received events. The following day, people were still buzzing about it.

M. Meloy

President, First Business Bank

BUILD A Culture Of Sales Success

Christine McMahon & Associates can help by providing you with the strategies, training and tools to better leverage your team’s strengths and eliminate the barriers that impede sales success.

What can Christine McMahon & Associates do for you?

For starters, we can help you determine how well your company is aligned to achieve flawless sales execution and help you close the gaps that limit growth.

In essence, we help leaders lead, and sales professionals sell.

Our strategies and tools help leaders focus on what matters most: identifying opportunities, eliminating roadblocks, and engaging team members.

We empower sales people with strategies and approaches that result in a more robust pipeline, better-qualified opportunities, shorter sales cycles, and higher margin business.

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