Christine McMahon is a featured contributor to the award winning "BizTimes" business publication. Following is a sample of articles for your enjoyment.
Leading without a title

No matter your role, seize opportunities to lead

Make meetings matter

Purpose-driven meetings result in ROI

Mastering organizational change

Steps to get your team to buy in

How to increase sales productivity

Improve forecast accuracy, market penetration and revenues

Strategic account management

Accelerating revenues, profit and client retention

The art of prospecting

How to build a robust sales pipeline

Reconnaissance selling

Ask strategic questions to gain valuable information

Attracting and engaging millennials

How they are reshaping the workplace

The Joseph Project

Restoring the Soul to Milwaukee’s Inner City


A talent acquisition and retention strategy

Corporate culture

The only truly sustainable competitive advantage

Maintain a broader vantage point

Get up on your ladder

Wiggle room

Don’t lead with your best offer

Flawless sales execution

It takes a whole company to make a sale

The business of the Bucks

Re-imagining the future


How to respond to demands for concessions during negotiations

Sales is a team sport

Collaboration is key

Excellence by design

Re-conceptualizing performance success

Retention interviews

A strategy to keep your best employees engaged and happy

Hang on

Determine in advance what you’ll concede, and carry it out deliberately

Meeting with the leader

How to make a favorable impression

Retaining top talent

Reward your best and brightest

Why should I work here?

Attracting the right talent

Getting ready

Use these low- or no-cost practicesto improve sales negotiating abilities

Flawless sales execution

It takes a whole company to make a sale

Creating High Performance

Employees want and need feedback

Charting a new direction

Wandell kicks Harley back into gear

Creating High Performance

Employees want and need feedback

Dealing with dirty tricks

Here’s how to respond to ‘surprises’ thrown at you while negotiating

Value proposition

How to respond when you hear, ‘Your price is too high!’

The multigenerational workforce

Flexible workplace can be competitive advantage

The impactful performance review

Objectives and evaluation must be clear

More dirty tricks

How to respond when the other party tries to slip one by you

Avoid sales malpractice

Make it easy for prospects to say ‘yes’

The need, power and motive to change

How TCI became a market leader and created an ‘economic moat’

Embrace change

Customer interaction leads to productive adjustments

Well received

How to frame your message to make it more acceptable to the other party

Reframing follow-up

How to find out where your offer stands

Transform the agenda

Create an innovation culture in your company

It’s your call

Here’s what to consider when using the telephone for negotiations

The impactful performance review

Objectives and evaluation must be clear

A sharp edge may cut you

Why being a tough guy won’t benefit you in the long run

A flash of insight

Make innovation a core competency

Feel good

The business of self-esteem

You first

Never make an opening offer unless you’re well prepared for the consequences

Build brand loyalty

Consumers are more skeptical

‘Leadership Plasticity’

Survival depends on adaptability and resiliency

Ungluing the sticking point

Four strategies to advance a negotiation through a bottleneck

CEO lessons learned

How successful business leaders operate

Power base

Here’s how to determine your leverage when going into a negotiations process

Personal branding

Define how others perceive you

Make meetings matter

Reduce time spent in unproductive sessions

The meaning behind the move

Here’s how to read body language and use that knowledge in your negotiations

Living life in balance

Strategies to create a more fulfi lling life

Persuasive influence

Another way to get your co-workers on board

Defending your words

Good note-taking, meeting reviews will help you defend your statements

Project manager

Here’s how to assemble a team across several departments

Split them up

Marketing and sales roles should not be combined

When to promote

How to evaluate internal candidate for leadership position

Chain reaction

How to handle problems with a supplier before they hurt your customer base

Success habits

Small steps add up to big results

Barriers to change

Tread with baby steps when reinventing the wheel

Less becomes more

How to strengthen your willpower and increase achievement

Negative people

Complainers drain a company’s energy

Now or never

Deadlines can help negotiations

Bounce back

Resiliency is critical skill for business success

Peak performance

The middle-aged brain is in its prime

It’s a team

Five steps to shift your perception as a ‘know it all’ to a valued negotiating colleague

Own your audience

How to prepare for a presentation

‘Intelligent memory’

Enlightened leaders leverage creativity

Top of your game

Follow these seven steps to prevent anxiety from ruining a negotiation

‘Learn, unlearn and relearn’

Leaders must help employees embrace new skills

The Mastermind Group

Invaluable feedback for business success


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